Antoine Jaoude


I design and oversee production of the following publications at the World Bank Group’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). Design includes creative concept, print layout, typesetting, color scheme, and data visualization.

2014 Annual Report in e-book format

MIGA issued a record high number of political risk insurance guarantees in 2014. The financial infographics on page 5 show this upward trend through the use of simple and streamlined line graphs.The cover’s escalating dynamic letters evoke growth. I suggested MIGA adopt a new modern font to convey the Agency’s progressive trend. Additionally, I reduced the report from a 120-page text heavy document to a 12-page data visualization booklet.

2013 Annual Report in e-book format

2013 marked the agency’s 25th anniversary. I created a logo for the occasion that we added to the cover and used for marketing materials. On the cover I included the word MIGA comprised of project photos to bolster the agency’s brand name for the anniversary occasion.

2013 World Investment and Political Risk in e-book format

I used a color scheme of shades of red throughout the report to convey risk. For example, the darker the red, the higher the risk conveyed by the data.The skewed angular and sharp cover graphic conveys turbulence and risk.

2012 World Investment and Political Risk in e-book format:

I designed the data visuals for this report (text and layout by my colleague).

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