Antoine Jaoude

Selected Academic Papers

The Battle of Zahleh: from Activism to Online-Passivism in the Social Media Age This paper examines the effect of analogue new-media on opposition and dissidence, from a historical lens; this paper examines through what medium the information age today, turned past dissident members from activists into present-online-passivists.
You Can Shift it: on Nationalism and New Media Arts in the Middle East In addition to examining the Lebanese historical and sociopolitical context, this paper examines the interconnectedness between new media technology, formation of identity politics, and the postcolonial archetypes of nationalism in the Middle East. My resultant argument stipulated a new conceptual media device, the iDentituner®.
Same Wine, Different Bottles: Policies of Internet Governance in China, Argentina and Lebanon Co-authored with Samhir Vasdev and Fang Pang, this paper examines the geopolitical, international, cultural and economic implications on Internet governance in China, Lebanon and Argentina.
The International Reaction to the 1991 Uprising in Iraq This paper examines the externalities of the international reaction in Iraq, during the aftermath of the first Gulf War. In particular, the major and regional powers, despite their outwardly supportive rhetoric, were presented with an opportunity to support a potential revolution and sway the tide of the 1991 uprisings into the favor of anti-regime dissidents, but to no avail.
Lebanon: The Effect of Demographic Shifts on Socioeconomic Development This paper examines the repercussions of geographic land expansion on socio-economic development in Lebanon; this paper investigates the effect of demographic shifts and the resultant fluctuating proximities between disparate groups in geographic city-spaces.
Google Gmail chat and Hangout: Integration Usability Test Report Co-authored with Paulette Waltz, the primary objective of this usability study report is to assess the overall Google Gmail chat user experience – particularly, the integration between Google Hangout and Google Gmail chat. This report examines Google’s usability integration issues and proposes recommendations to Google Management accordingly.

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